NFL and NBA Silent About Highly Questionable Spending by Black Lives Matter

The NBA and NFL saw supporting "Black Lives Matter" as a means to prove they were on the right side of the fight against racism. And BLM duped them both.

The Black Lives Matter organization, separate from the idea that back lives matter, began in 2013 following a Florida court acquitting George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

So you'd think BLM would hold the legacy of Trayvon Martin sacred. Not quite. In fact, BLM has paid a co-founder's baby daddy almost five times more than it gave to the Trayvon Martin Foundation, a non-profit that supposedly symbolizes racial injustices.

As per the New York Post,

When the NBA painted "Black Lives Matter" on its court and the NFL encouraged players to add the three words on their helmets, they ultimately helped mainstream a group that objectively uses the deaths of black Americans to enrich its leaders.

In 2020, BLM founders raised $90 million in donations and then bought celebrity cribs with the cash. Hopefully, Patrisse Cullors is still enjoying that castle.

OutKick reached out to both the NBA and NFL to see if they still support this organization. We asked them for a comment about the group laundering money to a rapper. Unfortunately, neither league has responded. We will update this story if they do.

BLM deceived the NFL and NBA. BLM is a business, not a movement. A shady one, at that. And yet, neither league will admit it.

Remember, sports embraced BLM for political gain, to get in the good graces of the arbiters of what's racist and not. So the leagues will be damned if they lose their built-up social status now.

The two most influential sports brands in the country didn't normalize a group protesting racism, they instead promulgated a Marxist, often violent, political organization which enriches themselves rather than helping the causes they pretend to champion.

Sports have not eased racial tensions. Rather, the leagues have assisted in the divide by spreading fear.

The leagues have also helped lift a fraudulent organization to enough prominence that it can pay a baby daddy around $1 million. I just hope he gets a mansion out of the deal, too. 

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