New York Times Finally Admits It's No Longer A 'Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated'

The New York Times has finally accepted that we are not in the nonsensical "pandemic of the unvaccinated."

A recently published article uncovered a shocking truth about who is actually dying from COVID. The exact same people who have always faced the most risk from COVID; elderly people.

They claim that it's an "uncomfortable" truth, that the risk of COVID death has long been exacerbated by age. That this is newsworthy shows how utterly inept the Times and many other outlets have been in their coverage.

But they do make a surprising point for a major media outlet; the high rate of vaccination among seniors doesn't appear to be helping.

According to the article, 90% of new COVID deaths are among Americans over the age of 65. Yet 94% of seniors are vaccinated. Doesn't exactly sound like Biden's "pandemic of the unvaccinated," does it?

They even admit that the unvaccinated made up just 36% of COVID deaths as of April 2022, meaning vaccinated and/or boosted individuals were a significant majority.


The 36% rate could also be misleading, given how jurisdictions report COVID deaths by vaccination status.

Many do records matching, where they mark COVID deaths as unvaccinated or "unknown," until they can be matched to a vaccination record.

That causes rates to shift over time, meaning the percentage of vaccinated deaths is misleadingly low until matching is completed.

The Times Won't Quite Commit to Reality

While it's great to see a major media outlet admit that "pandemic of the unvaccinated" is misleading, they didn't quite commit.

They admitted that elderly, heavily vaccinated individuals make up the majority of deaths.

Yet they still repeated claims that the new boosters reduce the risk of death by more than 93%.

This, of course, ignores that we've heard these exact same claims before. The original, "fully vaccinated" two dose series was also supposed to be over 95% effective. Some "experts" claimed 100% effectiveness.

Whatever the real number was, it quickly degraded over time and with the arrival of new variants. There's every possibility that the exact same thing happens with the Omicron specific boosters. Especially given the fact that new variants are already rapidly spreading.

At the very least, however, the article admits that the media and government officials were happy to blame the "unvaccinated," but less likely to explain that age was a significant risk.

"If it was ever comfortable to say that the unconscionable levels of American deaths were a pandemic of the unvaccinated, it is surely now accurate to describe the ongoing toll as a pandemic of the old."

That purposeful ignorance has resulted in "experts" relentlessly pushing for universal vaccination, regardless of other risk factors.

Vaccination More Important Than Anything

Instead of accurately describing how important age related factors were in COVID risk, Fauci and others pushed for endless vaccination. The Times, of course, acknowledges this but doesn't criticize them for it.

"There is no simple or silver-bullet solution, which may be another reason we’ve spent more energy on the need for vaccination than on the vulnerabilities of age"

They're still doing it, despite their previous assertions being proven wrong.

The Times finishes by explaining what the media's misdirections have really been about; distaste for Republicans.

"But hearing the conservative commentator Ben Shapiro or the Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick so blithely dismissing the deaths of older adults in 2020 probably made the whole subject seem considerably more taboo to the rest of us than it might’ve been otherwise."

Because conservatives told the truth, it became an untouchable subject for those on the left. So colleges continue to enforce vaccine and booster mandates. Schools discriminate based on vaccination status. Fauci is allowed to continuously misrepresent reality.

All because Republicans were right about the risks of COVID.

Classic New York Times.