New York City Mayor Eric Adams Wants Headshots of Job Applications to Increase Diversity

A report from the New York Post details the newest form of institutional discrimination promoted by progressive politicians.

While in theory, job applications should be reviewed based on merit, fit for the position and qualifications, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has a different idea.

According to the Post, he's requesting photographs of applicants as they go through the interview process:

"Adams has requested city agencies to provide photographs of potential hires to City Hall as candidates go through the interview process for city jobs ranging from assistant commissioner to departmental press secretary."

While Adams is defending this move as part of a desire to increase familiarity with potential new employees, many anonymous city employees are saying the actual goal is to make more hiring decisions based on race.

One former employee said that it was an open secret that the new policy was designed to ensure that race became a primary consideration:

“Everyone knew what it was. There was no question. It was the first thing everybody said: ‘We’re going to start counting complexions now.”

Even though many in the city's offices support the move due to their political ideology, there were concerns about merit being ignored in favor of other factors:

"The majority of the officials interviewed by the outlet — who requested anonymity to speak freely about the internal measure — said they supported a more diverse workforce but worried the practice is already causing the Adams administration to make hiring decisions with a greater emphasis on race and ethnicity than merit."

For his part, Adams and his supporters continue to claim it's more about recognizing potential new employees than making race based decisions.

Of course, it's exceedingly unlikely that wanting to know what new employees look like has anything to do with this policy.

Not only would it be hard to recognize individuals from a photo pulled off of Facebook or LinkedIn, but with a busy mayoral schedule that mainly involves meeting with celebrities, pointlessly mandating COVID vaccines for toddlers who don't need them, going to clubs and feigning an interest in reducing crime, Adams almost certainly doesn't have the time to review countless photos.

It's also absurd to suggest it's about knowing faces, considering that it'd be more valuable to see photos after they're hired, not before.

But in the nonsensical, offensive chase for "equity" by progressive politicians and activists, race based discrimination is not only accepted, but preferred.

Adams is just the latest example in a long line of offensive regression back to when the color of someone's skin was more important than the quality of their work.