New Development: Aroldis Chapman Suspended 3 Games, Managers Aaron Boone, Kevin Cash 1 Game

Lindsey Adler from The Athletic is reporting that Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman and manager Aaron Boone have received suspensions for their roles in yesterday's altercation. Rays manager Kevin Cash also received one game. After debate of the intent of the pitch and blatant threats from Rays manager Kevin Cash after the game, suspending Chapman shows commissioner Rob Manfred has no clue what he's doing.

Manfred suspending Chapman and Boone implies that they perceived intent. How does Joe Kelly receive an eight-game suspension for "intentionally" throwing at Carlos Correa with a CURVEBALL, then you suspend Chapman less than half of that for a 101 mph fastball?

The fact that the Yankees were up just two runs in last night's altercation should show a lack of intent in itself. Why would anyone believe Chapman would lack judgment in a game everyone in that Yankees clubhouse knew they had to win? No way.

Like Roger Goodell, Rob Manfred does nothing more than guess at managing the sport. Joe Kelly receiving eight-games to Chapman's three is the equivalent of Josh Gordon being held from football for over a year for marijuana violations while Joe Mixon returns after just one year.

The game of baseball can no longer sit back and watch their commissioner tarnish the sport. Manfred has done everything in his power to change the game in every way from the days of respectable fan interest. Baseball has always been a sport, like hockey, where the players govern each other.

A tradition that worked in the sport since its birth.

Suspensions are playing far too big a role in this 60-game season and something has to be done about it. #fireRobManfred

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