New COVID Booster Shots Don't Work As Well As 'Experts' Claimed

An extremely confusing aspect of the government and “expert” obsession with COVID booster shots has been their inability to change strategies, despite the data.

Their endless promotion of the COVID boosters is a tacit acknowledgement that the efficacy of the original two dose “full vaccination” series has waned so significantly as to be irrelevant in 2022.

In fact, data from just a few months ago confirmed shockingly low levels of efficacy from booster doses.


This may have been predicted, based on the fact that viruses inevitably mutate, and that measuring antibody levels was an entirely ineffectual method of determining protection against infection or transmission.

So one would assume that the “experts,” pharmaceutical companies and regulatory bodies would have determined that antibody generation would not be sufficient to justify unchecked optimism, yet again.

But that’s exactly what they’ve done.

What’s most remarkable about their endless hubris, inability to acknowledge reality and bizarre fascination with relentlessly repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again, is that they’ve already been proven wrong. Again.

COVID Booster and Antibodies

As previously mentioned, antibody generation has become the undisputed goal for drug manufacturers and regulatory bodies. 

Fauci has also repeatedly claimed that antibodies created by a booster shot has informed his, and other public health authorities, decision making.

During a speech to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in late 2021, Fauci said that antibody levels were extremely important in influencing the government’s decision to push boosters to young people.

“Within a month of a booster shot, however, antibody protection had significantly improved. Those results, he added, were key in the federal government’s decision to expand booster guidelines to include younger people,” said Fauci.

Of course, their decision almost immediately led to the rapid expansion of indefensible COVID booster mandates for universities across the country.

Booster induced antibodies are so important to these supposed “experts” that they were willing to rush through the process and expand their recommendations.

They then repeated that hurried, inappropriate process for the updated Omicron specific booster that astonishingly had no clinical trial.

Now, a new study has confirmed that these new boosters are failing to meet even the preferred standard of antibody generation.

The preprint, from researchers at Columbia University and the University of Michigan, measured antibodies from people who received the bivalent boosters against those who received three or four doses of the original vaccinations.

And -- surprise, surprise -- after just a few weeks, antibody levels amongst those who received the new boosters are exactly the same as those who received the original series.

"At ~3-5 weeks post booster shot, individuals who received a fourth vaccine dose with a bivalent mRNA vaccine targeting BA.4/BA.5 had similar neutralizing antibody titers as those receiving a fourth monovalent mRNA vaccine against all SARS-CoV-2 variants tested, including BA.4/BA.5," the document reads.

That last sentence is the most important takeaway.

Even when measuring antibodies against the Omicron variants, the new boosters -- which are specifically targeted to combat Omicron -- failed to outperform the original vaccination series.

The Experts™ were wrong again.

Their obsessive push for more COVID boosters and updated COVID boosters has helped spur a massive publicity campaign to increase uptake.

This culminated in the literal President of the United States giving a televised address spreading misinformation as his advisors gleefully nod along to an easily disprovable lie.

Not only has their relentless promotion of the new boosters proved unsuccessful at increasing uptake, but this data suggests it's not particularly effective either.

The study's abstract concludes with yet another succinct summary of the failure to achieve what it was supposed to achieve.

"When given as a fourth dose, a bivalent mRNA vaccine targeting Omicron BA.4/BA.5 and an ancestral SARS-CoV-2 strain did not induce superior neutralizing antibody responses in humans, at the time period tested, compared to the original monovalent vaccine formulation," the abstract reads.

Just a few months ago, as these new shots were rolling out, Fauci claimed in an interview that getting this vaccine would result in enhanced immunity against the Omicron variants.

“As we get into the fall, you’d want to boost with a BA.5 — so that if you get BA.5 or something closely related to that, you will enhance the immunity against that particular variant,” Fauci said in July.

The government purchased 180 million doses of these boosters based on clinical data from eight mice and enlisted the White House’s Chief Medical Advisor to assure the public that it would specifically protect them against Omicron and its sub-lineages. It's already been entirely disproven.

How is it possible to fail so quickly, and in such spectacular fashion?

Only Fauci, Ashish Jha, and the Biden Administration’s blind faith in whatever The Science™ dictates at the current moment could accomplish such an impressive level of failure.

What Happens Now?

We now have confirmation from multiple releases that the COVID boosters are unable to prevent infections or to generate superior antibodies compared to the original vaccines.

In a sane world, this should mean the end of university and corporate mandates, and the permanent sidelining of the Biden Administration’s disastrous “expert” advisors.

But we no longer live in a sane world, so the absurdity continues, unabated. 

Just look at Harvard, where they've already mandated the bivalent boosters for college students:

These are students who are almost universally under the age of 30, meaning their risk of death from COVID -- even before the impact of vaccination -- was 0.011%.

Despite that, colleges are given license to mandate a vaccine that appears to be completely ineffective at doing what it was supposed to do.

Trying to improve upon a 99.989% survival rate for those under 30 also means that desperate, panicked college administrators are knowingly subjecting students to potentially damaging side effects.

But potential side effects for no significant gain apparently pales in comparison to signaling allegiance to The Science™.

No matter how many times they’re proven wrong, they won’t abandon their politicized decision making. So this pattern will inevitably repeat itself with the next new variant and updated show.

But hey, thanks to their incompetence, cowardice and wishful thinking, at least Pfizer will be making a hell of a lot more money next year.

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