Native Americans Aren't Offended By Redskin Name, PC Bros Riot

This morning news broke in the Washington Post that according to a poll 90% of Native Americans have no trouble at all with the Washington Redskins team nickname. I'm no statistician, but it's virtually impossible to get 90% of anyone to agree on anything. In fact, when I worked in politics one of the cardinal rules of the political game is if people are given two options on a ballot, 30% of people will vote for one of the options no matter what it is. This poll has PC bros so rattled that they're arguing that the Washington Post, patron saint of liberal newspapers everywhere, is racist in favor of the Redskins name and artificially changing their poll results. 

So 90% of Native Americans not being offended by the Washington Redskins name is an incredible number. It's not just a majority, it's a super majority. According to PC bro logic, which is trotted out all the time on social media, if you aren't a member of a minority group it's racist, colonialist, sexist, whatever the hell -ist you want to add to a word, for you to apply your own personal beliefs to an issue that impacts a minority group. After all, since you aren't (insert group here) you couldn't possibly know what (insert group here) feels.

This is the most common PC bro logic that exists online today. 

So applying that logic to our present fact situation, the PC bro community would have to wake up today and acknowledge that maybe their argument that the Washington Redskins team name has to be changed because it's racist doesn't actually apply. BECAUSE NATIVE AMERICANS THEMSELVES DON'T THINK IT'S RACIST BY A SUPER MAJORITY OF 90%.

So that happened, right?


Instead this morning the PC bro community, and their daft leader Bomani Jones, who I murder every time I engage with on Twitter, argued that it doesn't matter what Native Americans think about the name, it's what THEY think about the name that actually matters.

So, wait a minute, now the PC bros are arguing that the opinion of a minority group doesn't matter if they think it's wrong, it's the opinion of non-minorities that matters more?

Except if non-PC bros make this argument than they're racist or sexist or colonialist or showing their white privilege for even thinking that they could understand a minority's plight.


I thought white couple couldn't know why the caged bird sings. And now you're telling me everybody knows why the caged bird sings? How am I supposed to keep up? WHY IS THE CAGED BIRD SINGING, DAMN IT! (P.S. I know why the caged bird is singing because I'm 1/32nd black, but I'm not allowed to tell you. Them's the rules.)

Say it loud, say it proud, WASHINGTON REDSKINS. (Well, as proud as you can say it with an imbecile like Dan Snyder running the team. He's probably going to celebrate this poll by signing Deion Sanders to a ten year contract extension for $120 million).

The only logical way the PC bro revolution will die is when the PC bro community turns on itself over who is more PC bro. This is coming in the near future and it will be glorious to behold. 

In the meantime, if you'll excuse me, I've got to head back to Twitter and keep taking scalps.  

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