Nancy Pelosi Silent On Riley Gaines Being Attacked

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi hasn't publicly acknowledged the brutal attack on Riley Gaines.

Gaines was attacked by a man wearing a dress as an outraged mob shouted her down, harassed her and forced her to be barricaded in a San Francisco State University room for hours last Thursday night.

She was on campus speaking in support of women's rights and pushing back against men dominating women's athletics. For that, she was attacked and faced the wrath of an out of control mob.

At one point, the mob demanded money to allow her to leave.

Pelosi hasn't spoken in support of Riley Gaines' free speech.

San Francisco State University is in Pelosi's district, but she apparently couldn't be bothered to weigh in on Gaines being attacked. She finally found a subject she doesn't want to discuss.

Multiple attempts to reach out to Pelosi through her office went unanswered. Her last press release was April 5, and had to do with Taiwan.

The most famous government official from the state of California has also not tweeted about the unacceptable attack.

Why won't Pelosi speak out in support of protecting free speech?

Nancy Pelosi is a powerhouse politician. She has spent years as Speaker of the House, she's been a fixture in federal politics for decades and she's the face of politics in San Francisco.

A young woman was violently attacked in her district for defending women's rights and exercising her free speech. That's a right guaranteed to all Americans.

Yet, the most powerful woman in the city tasked with representing the people there can't be bothered to weigh in. Why is that? As San Francisco's representative, Pelosi has a duty to protect the rights of people living or simply visiting. Riley Gaines has every right in the world to push back against men dominating women's sports.

That's her right as an American, and she was met by an angry mob that turned violent last Thursday night on San Francisco State University's campus.

We will update the story if Pelosi's office ever decides to respond to what is ultimately a very simple situation. The conduct Gaines faced was unacceptable and can't be tolerated. Will Pelosi bring herself to say that and stand up to the woke mob? So far, the answer has been a deafening no.

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