MUST WATCH: Liberty University Drops The Best Uniform Reveal You'll See

Liberty University debuted new baseball uniforms in a Thursday video that makes clear why the school is nicknamed the Flames. Their new duds are undoubtedly cool, but the release video is straight fire.

With the help of Celine Dion, the Flames dropped the hottest uniform reveal in the history of college sports. We're talking the kind of music video heat that would make late-'90s Creed look like amateurs.

Crank the volume and feel the Flames below:

Liberty's new threads are powder blue with red accents, but who cares? We have the song, their lip-synching prowess, the use of props (hello, baseball bat mic), background choreography (are those flashlights?), all while pitcher Dylan Cumming makes sweet, sweet hairband love to the camera.

This video belongs atop the Mount Rushmore of uniform reveals.

If you watched this 27-second masterpiece and didn't sing along to Celine Dion's banger "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," you're either deaf, lying, or both.

"There were nights of endless pleasure/ It was more than any laws allow," Dion sings about some long, lost lover but might as well be singing about this video.

I have no idea how many games Liberty will win this season, but they've already won our hearts.

"And if we..."



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