Moto GP Rider Jumps Off His Bike At 125 MPH After Brakes Go Out

I'm not going to lie with you guys, I don't follow the MotoGP world and don't know much about the racing, but I've seen enough of these guys at 3 a.m. on Fox Sports regional TV channels to know the danger is real when these bikes are going 125 mph into sharp corners and these guys have to ram their knees into the pavement.

I also know there's crazy danger when Spainard Maverick Vinales is running at the Austrian GP into a corner at 125 mph and the brakes go out. Maverick has two choices: stay on the bike and see what happens when he hits the barrier, or jump off the bike and let his leather racing suit do its job.

This weekend Maverick picked the latter move and he walked away.

“Suddenly the brake was good, I was recovering a lot and then suddenly in corner one the brake exploded, so it wasn’t possible to do nothing," he told the media after the race.

“It’s something I never had during all my MotoGP career. “But what can you do? I would not remain on the bike, I jumped," he added.

Meanwhile, I thought my weekend was rough getting out of the pool to refill my margarita. Maverick won the weekend with this move.

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