Mother Suing School For Suspending Son From Football Team for Insisting There Are Two Genders

A mother has filed a lawsuit against a New Hampshire school district after it suspended her son, who is Catholic, from the football team because he insisted that there are only two genders.

"M.P. had an exchange with a progressive student , who is described as not being transgendered, on a school bus," the NH Journal reported.

"During the conversation, M.P. relayed his belief informed by Catholic teaching that there are two genders, male and female."

On the school bus, M.P. -- as the outlet refers to the Catholic student -- had been discussing the difficulty of using third-person pronouns in Spanish when referring to a "non-binary person." That's when a debate broke out between M.P. and a student who identifies as "non-binary."

"There more than two genders," the other student said.

"No, there isn't: there are only two genders," M.P. responded.

From there, the two took their conversation to a text chain after they exited the bus. You can guess what happened next: the school administration seized the text messages.

The district then suspended M.P. for "failing to respect another student's gender pronouns and for 'inappropriate language' used in his texts, such as 'bozo' and 'stfu.'"

The lawsuit reads as follows:

In other words, if a student doesn't buy into the idea that there is a long list of gender identities, he must either shut up and agree or risk his spot on the football team in this district. If you are a parent in New Hampshire, that's now the conversation you have to have with your child.

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