Moses Malone Jr.'s attorney divulges Harden lawsuit details

Wednesday morning on Outkick the Coverage, Clay Travis welcomed in George Farah, the Houston-based attorney representing Moses Malone Jr. in an assault lawsuit. The incident occurred in 2016 at the now closed V-Live strip club, and involved four men who have been charged with beating the son of the NBA legend outside the establishment.

Over the past 48 hours, information has surfaced about Houston Rockets star and MVP candidate James Harden's potential involvement in the crime. Malone Jr. believes Harden was responsible for the attack, and in fact paid money for "the hit."

The situation escalated following a Malone Jr. Facebook post that was critical of Harden's basketball camp fee.

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First, Farah explains the story in detail. It contains some truly blockbuster information. You won't believe some of this. It's incredible.

The conversation continues as Clay asks how James Harden's name entered this story.

Why did Farah's team wait to add Harden to the lawsuit? The answers come down to due diligence and the Houston NBA season.

Hiring renowned Texas defense attorney Rusty Hardin, who has successfully defended athletes like Adrian Peterson and Roger Clemens, not to mention accounting firm Arthur Andersen following the Enron scandal, seems to be a big decision. James Harden clearly sees a potential threat to his future.

In 2015, James Harden settled another assault complaint, this time in Los Angeles. Farah wants to make it known that this isn't exactly an isolated story.

This story is just beginning to reach the mainstream, and it's likely to be enormous. What's next for Malone Jr.'s team and George Farah? The discovery phase is step two, which could mean big trouble for James Harden if he's deposed.

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