More Maskless Stacey Abrams School Photos Released

Stacey Abrams' recent visit to an elementary school is more cringeworthy than we thought.

OutKick has obtained more photos from Abrams' visit to Glennwood Elementary School last week. These new photos prove that Abrams spent the entire day maskless while the children remained masked up.

Take a look:


Horrific. Child abuse.

Abrams posted one photo last week of her visit, oblivious to how bad the optics looked: an obese adult wandering around maskless while politicians demand children -- who are at virtually no risk of COVID  -- cover their faces.

After tremendous backlash on social media, Abrams deleted the photo and essentially called everyone who criticized her racist. Pointing out a Democrat's hypocrisy and character flaws is now racist, according to Abrams.

Here is the original photo that Abrams posted:

There is no bigger hypocrite than Stacey Abrams.

The fact that Abrams posted the original photo at all is rather revealing. Abrams, who is vaccinated, has long been a vocal supporter of mask mandates for others. She called Republican Gov. Brian Kemp's ban on mask mandates "immoral."

Abrams thinks she is above her own demands and is not afraid to tell you that. She's shameless.

Why would anyone ever vote for someone like her?

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