More COVID Mania for Rams' Super Bowl Parade

The Super Bowl parade won't commence in Los Angeles until this afternoon, but for those planning to celebrate the Rams' championship in person, the party's already over.

Officials announced that anyone attending the parade must show either proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID test.

To be clear: like all parades, the procession will be held outdoors.

And just a reminder -- during the peak of COVID, going outdoors was highly recommended. Now, nearly two years later, people will be restricted from standing outdoors in the Los Angeles sun without proper index cards or test results.


It's unclear how event organizers and security will confirm attendees' vaccination status, especially while gathered outside. But chances are, they'll have no choice but to look the other way.

That shouldn't be any big deal. Officials, especially those in positions of power in Los Angeles and California as a whole, have become accustomed to looking the other way in regards to COVID restrictions for themselves.

Had city officials thought this through a bit longer, they would've realized that proof of vax and negative tests weren't necessary in order to celebrate the Rams. Attendees along the parade's LA route that stretches just over one mile, could simply hold their breath, like Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti does whenever he takes a picture.

The parade begins at 11 am local time. The event is free and open to the public. The weather report in LA looks sunny, but these COVID requirements seem poised to rain on the parade.


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