MLB and MLBPA Can't Agree If They Agreed. WTF?!

In a development that isn't shocking but had BETTER be temporary, it now appears that the deal the MLB and MLBPA were "closing in" on Wednesday has a bit more ways to go than just dotting i's and crossing t's.

The latest reporting:

ESPN's Jeff Passan: "Following a four-hour negotiation in Phoenix between the leaders Tuesday, MLB emerged believing the framework of a deal had been agreed upon, sources said. The union disagreed with that accounting, and players Wednesday said they view the proposed 60-game schedule as too short."

The Athletic's Evan Drellich and Ken Rosenthal: "League sources say commissioner Rob Manfred and union head Tony Clark settled on the framework of an agreement in a face-to-face meeting Tuesday. The union, however, is adamant that no deal was reached, tweeting as much on Wednesday night. Clark informed Manfred that the 60-game season proposed by the league was not long enough, a source said."

Very aggravating. It's unclear how these two sides hate each other so much that they can't even agree if they agreed on the framework of a deal. What a mess. What else is there even left to say?

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