Missouri HS Team Wins State Championship On Touchdown That Shouldn't Have Counted

There are heartbreaking ways to lose high school state championships like what happened in New Jersey and then there's losing a state championship when the opposing team scores a touchdown with 12 men on the field, but it's not flagged.

Let's go to the Missouri Class 2 High School State Championship game between Lutheran St. Charles and Lamar held this past Friday in Columbia. An OutKick tipster pointed out that the refs failed to call LSC for the five-yard penalty, which would've made it 3rd and 7 with :06 left on the clock with the game tied 27-27.

Instead, Lutheran runs in the go-ahead touchdown, then misses the extra point and ultimately wins 33-27.

The MSHSAA told the Springfield News-Leader that the results cannot be contested and the game stands. Would it have been a foregone conclusion that Lutheran would've made the chip shot field goal to win it?

According to the newspaper, Lutheran made three extra points and then had one blocked in the fourth quarter and had the extra point go wide after the controversial touchdown.

Count the blue jerseys:

via the Missouri Sports High School Athletic Association before the Twitter video was deleted

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