Minnesota Medical Students Pledge Allegiance To Woke Politics Over Science

While most nonsensical woke virtue signaling is infuriating and socially damaging, it generally doesn't cross into the realm of physical danger.

But that was before wokeness infested the medical profession.

You'd think that doctors and future doctors would be resistant to putting politics above medicine. But the sense of unearned superiority created by left wing ideologies is able to overcome any obstacles.

In what is supposed to be a factual, scientific, evidence-based profession with a long-standing code of ethics, wokeness is winning.

According to the Daily Mail, incoming medical students at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine recently read from a new pledge where they promised to "honor all Indigenous ways of healing." This includes any methods that have been "historically marginalized by Western medicine."

But that's not all. As medical students, they promise to fight "white supremacy, colonialism the gender binary."

Video of the speech is even worse:

Remember "first, do no harm?" That was for the old medicine, where reality came before politics.

Dr. Robert Englander Leads The Woke Charge

The leader of this embarrassment is the school's associate dean for undergraduate medical education, Dr. Robert Englander.

Lest you think Englander is an outlier or someone plucked from obscurity, his qualifications show how thorough and comprehensive the woke takeover has been.

He graduated from the Yale School of Medicine and completed a residency at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. Englander also had a fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital, got a Master's in Public Health from Johns Hopkins and taught at the University of Maryland.

This is an eminently qualified individual, with a background at some of the top institutions in the United States. And he is pledging to discard modern medicine in favor of "Indigenous healing," because politics come before saving lives.

Chris Rufo tweeted out the full text, which helps display how utterly lost these people are:

It's hard to believe that this is what's happened to the medical profession, that this is allowed and even encouraged by what appear to be adults living in the 21st century.

The Indoctrination Is Only Getting Worse

These students are the future. And they're forced to promise to prioritize political posturing and anti-science liberalism over learning actual medicine.

If it's this bad now, how much worse will it get?

The University of Minnesota knows it has created a firestorm. But instead of addressing it, apologizing, and promising to do better, the school is circling the wagons and protecting Englander.

Just a few days ago, he had a full biography on the site with his email listed.

Now, it's blank:

The University is doing what the left does best. When your lunacy is exposed, run and hide and say the real problem is it was exposed in the first place.

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