Minneapolis Set To Close Schools In Anticipation For Riots

Protests and riots have been happening in major cities across the country over the last week in response to the deaths of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo. Since the news broke of Wright's death last Sunday, things have been progressively getting worse.

Now the city of Minneapolis is preparing for even more riots next week.

On Friday night, Jack Posobiec said on Twitter that Minneapolis is closing all schools this upcoming Wednesday through Friday. The reason? The anticipation of the Derek Chauvin verdict, the police officer at the forefront of the death of George Floyd.

Here is part of what the announcement from the Minneapolis Public Schools system looks like. They will be closing schools and moving everything back to distance learning -- they certainly have plenty of experience in that area, nowadays.

The announcement then goes on to list how in-person learning will be impacted by the trial, as well as other things.

For anyone hoping to see the riots and destruction end anytime soon, don't hold your breath. This will more than likely continue for the foreseeable future.

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