Mike Tyson's Ex-Sparring Partner Hilariously Thinks Tyson As Dominant Today As Ever

Mike Tyson's ex-sparring partner John Bray had high praise ahead of Iron Mike's exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr.

"Sparring with Mike Tyson was not sparring, you're fighting Mike Tyson, and you're trying to survive man," Bray said in an interview with EsNews. "He dropped all his sparring partners but never dropped me, I can say this."

Sounds like Bray took this opportunity to compliment himself by paying respects to one of the greatest heavy weight fighters of all-time. Classic boxer's mentality. We'll try and let that go.

Check out Tyson putting on a show at 54-years-old:

Impressive. But let's put this "He looks like 90's Iron Mike" to bed. No athlete at the top of any sport will ever resemble who they were by their mid-50's. Not Mike Tyson, Barry Bonds, or Julio Franco.

We can still be blown away. Tyson looks like the Expendable that took care of his body. Either way we're all going to watch the Tyson-Jones Jr. fight and most will be rooting for him to knock Roy's block off. Sorry Roy. We never rocked with you like that.

"He would be as successful against today's heavyweights as in his day."

Have a Snickers, John. Unless Mike is today's Benjamin Button, Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, and nearly all present day heavyweights would wipe the floor with any 54-year-old. Don't care who they are or where they've been.

Props to Mike Tyson for being an absolute monster after people made fun of his body before the pandemic. Could've sat around and felt sorry for himself. He instead went Hershel Walker on us and now takes it out on Roy Jones Jr.


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