Mike Tyson Would Knock Out LeBron James in Under 20

Lost in another week of outrage online, a dishonorable debate is underway. A LeBron James vs. Mike Tyson discussion has emerged after a photo showing off their abs surfaced. By discussion, I mean who would win in a fight.

I see a lot of LeBron stans making the case their guy could win. That's comical and shameful. This isn't about who looks better shirtless. It's about who is tougher, grittier, and meaner. LeBron doesn't strike me as any of the three. In fact, LeBron probably isn't a top-five boxer in the NBA.

James Johnson would certainly KO LeBron, who remembers every hard foul he's ever taken, in a round or two:

It took Tyson just 30 seconds to destruct and end Marvis Frazier. Frazier is another guy who LeBron would stand no chance against:


I'd give LeBron 20 seconds in a ring with Tyson.

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