Mike Tyson Recounts Just How Many Cars He Has Given Away

At the peak of his career Mike Tyson was commanding $30M for one fight. His star power elevated him to one of the highest earning athletes of all time, according to Forbes.

In a recent interview, Iron Mike said that he was not only spending money like crazy he was also handing out cars to people left and right.

17 cars. 15 to females and the other to two men.

“That’s just how I lived my life. That’s my addictive personality, that’s a lot of things, that’s my ego, that’s so many other things,” Tyson said in an interview with Graham Bensinger. “From me being poor and never having anything, from me being bitter, angry from being in prison. It stems from a lot of things.”

One of the more famous -- or infamous (?) -- stories was when Tyson gave away a Rolls Royce to a police officer as a bribe to avoid charges in a dispute with Robin Givens.

That story he told to Joe Rogan was that he and Givens had been arguing after one of his infidelities when she drove off and wrecked the car. To avoid any trouble, Tyson gave the car to the officer at the scene.

Tyson then called the station demanding it back and the officer got fired.
That may make his total 16, then? Right?