Michigan Politician Has Incredible Strip Club Spending Defense

How many times have you heard that a strip club has "great lamb chops"? Hear it all the time, right? How many times have you heard a politician use that line as a defense when he/she is questioned over the use of campaign funds?

Michigan State Rep. Jewell Jones (D.) told a Detroit News reporter that the lamb chops are "great" at the Pantheion Club in Dearborn, MI where he had spent $221 in March during an economic development meeting. "We have (to) meet people where they're at some times ... #HOLLA," Jones said in a text with the Detroit News reporter.

Jones called it a "constituent meeting" on a disclosure that was filed Sunday. A Twitter account for the club includes a bio that reads: "The oldest and most established gentlemens club in michigan! We are #1 in topless entertainment!"

The state rep also filed a charge of $696 dinner bill at a Vegas restaurant and spent over $6,400 in campaign funds on meals over the first seven months of 2021. In other words, Jones was eating well in the neighborhood.

While the Vegas dinner was probably spectacular, let's get down to business with these strip club lamb chops. There are definitely mixed reviews on the lamb chops. It seems like they're hit and miss, but Jones seems to only stop in when they're on point.

Is it possible that Jones stops in for the lamb chops and doesn't care that there are dancers shakin' it? I guess it's entirely possible he's just that addicted to the chops and doesn't care about the booty. What I'm not buying is Jones telling the Detroit News he wasn't sure if the place is a strip club. Here's the front door.

If you have nothing to hide here, the response is simple: You're damn right I had dinner at the Pantheion Club. I crushed two plates of lamb chops -- they're amazing, had a Henn-dogg (that's what I started calling Hennessy amongst friends) & stayed until the DJ played "Livin' on a Prayer" for Candy.

Boom, he would've owned the reporter, his voters would've loved him even more, and he would've guaranteed himself a full life in politics. Are they going to send him to prison for suckin' down some chops and sipping a cocktail at a tax-paying club? Hell no they're not.


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