Michigan Blocks TikTok From State Devices -- With Exemption For Gov. Whitmer

The state of Michigan quietly blocked the Chinese-owned TikTok app from state-owned devices.

The ban includes exceptions for law enforcement, cybersecurity, and promotional purposes. The ban also exempts Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

In February, Whitmer explained that "whether we like it or not, that is is a tool for disseminating important information."

Luckily, the exemption allows Whitmer to continue "disseminating the important information" to which she refers.

Like this address to the state:

Jayson Cavendish, Michigan’s acting chief security officer, tells MLive that Whitmer uses a"secure device that has never been on the state’s network nor connected to the state’s wireless environment" to post her dances.

Translation, Lockdown Lady uses a burner phone to which China has access.

OutKick reported on the security risk that is TikTok last summer. In short, the app deploys what the industry considers the most sophisticated algorithm to date, with the purpose to exploit users:

On average, TikTok learns the interests of one account user in under two hours. According to the document, TikTok content managers have access not only to publicly shared content but to the content that friends privately upload to the platform to share with each other, making TikTok’s algorithm more powerful than the programs that other social media apps use. Moreover, TikTok excludes the end-to-end encryption that apps like WhatsApp offer. In a group of filth, TikTok stands as the filthiest.

So if you have a TikTok account, know that its algorithm finds your vulnerabilities and then uses them to keep you coming back for more. In doing so, TikTok strips away your independence because you relinquish control over your satisfaction to the mercy of likes, comments, and playtimes without realizing it.

Specifically, internal documents reveal a Beijing-based engineer “has access to everything.” He goes by “Master Admin.”

You cannot hide from Master Admin. He's watching you. He's watching BigWhit.

That's actually her name on TikTok:

Whitmer began to grow her TikTok following when she forced Michiganders to lock down away from society for far longer than any sane individual would command -- another order she enforced but didn't follow herself. 

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