Michael Jordan Bullies PGA Player During Friendly Rounds

Dominic Bozzelli spends his time on the PGA Tour, but now we're learning the rest of his free time is spent getting roasted by Michael Jordan. MJ and Bozzelli are members at the same club in Florida and it may be time for Dominic to reconsider that.

The legend of Michael Jordan grows even further after we learn Michael is abusing professional golfers at their own spot. He's a 2-handicap, but still finds a way to flap his mouth. I guess trash talking is sometimes finding a weakness from somebody better than you. The Jordan docs already told us Mike was a complete psychopath, so Bozzelli's story is undoubtably true.

"Just like you saw in the documentary, he has ways where he's trying to make you better," Bozzelli said.

Never heard of trying to make your golf partner better, but here we are.

Bozzelli doesn't need any sympathy as he still managed to accumulate $2.5 million in career earnings. One thing is for certain: He shouldn't be hanging out with MJ too often the way that guy likes to gamble.

This was a great year for Michael Jordan in general, despite what some critics tried to push. The "Jordan is coming off like a jerk" crew didn't account for the fact that this era craves honest athletes in the age of PC behavior. Michael Jordan trash talk is a blast from the past and we LOVE IT!

Someone needs to reverse course and bully Mike right back. Use his competitiveness against him and grab some quotes from the doc to sucker him into a friendly wager. PGA Tour athletes should absolutely annihilating a 6'6" basketball player, so let's hope Bozzelli tapes this sometime.

Let's ditch the Tiger-Phil one-on-one's for a Michael Jordan $1 million/hole invitational.

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