Michael Jordan 1989 Love Letter To Actress Auctions For $25,703

A 1989 Michael Jordan love letter to actress Amy Hunter -- appeared in The Scorpion King, The Kingdom, Pacific Blue & one episode of The Cosby Show -- sold at auction for $25,703 over the weekend. According to Iconic Auctions, the letter was penned at a Troy, Michigan Guest Quarters hotel while the Bulls were in town to play the Detroit the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals. MJ, 25 at the time he wore the letters, poured out his soul to Miss Hunter. Jordan decided to break off his love affair with Hunter a year earlier after learning his girlfriend (eventually his wife) Juanita was pregnant with his son. "Amy the perfect solution for this would be to move to Utah and practice polygamy but our society would accept and neither would I." MJ wrote.

Here's the full text of the letters MJ sent to Ms. Hunter:

Before you laugh at someone paying $25,000 for a Michael Jordan love letter, keep in mind back in 2004 an MJ high school love letter sold for over $5,000.

The high school love letter:

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