Miami Mayor Bans Lap Dances After Being 'Unaware' They Weren't Banned

There has been a strange saga in Miami in the last couple days where it was reported that lap dances were banned, then deputy mayor Jennifer Moon said that they're actually not, and then later she said that mayor Carlos Gimenez was unaware that they weren't banned but now they actually are. Confused? So am I. But here's the timeline.

On Monday, sports radio host Andy Slater reported that Miami had banned lap dances:

On Tuesday morning, deputy mayor Jennifer Moon told Doug Hanks of the Miami Herald that this was incorrect, and lap dances were not included in the so-called 10-foot rule:

Then, Tuesday evening, Moon reversed course. She told Hanks that mayor Carlos Gimenez “was unaware that lap dances were authorized at some adult entertainment venues. They will be prohibited henceforth.”

We've mentioned before that strip clubs and social distancing are inherently incongruent. This saga in Miami just goes to show that a lot of municipalities are really just flying by the seat of their pants

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