Mets And Nashville Sound Set Some Odd Records As The Season Concludes

In the world of Major League Baseball, there's been some back and forth between the Mets as well as the team having Denver lose wide receiver for the rest of the year after tearing a torn ACL in a home win over the Jets.

Things are getting more and more complicated with attendence around both baseball and football.

Here's a tweet that gives Mets fans an idea of how things are going at Citi Field:

No team in Major League history has spent as much time (103 days) in first place and finished with a losing record. The Mets are mathematically guaranteed to become the first.

The Mets are 73-82, again showing off that he's got a ways to go, and fans have been clammoring to see this team in action.

For now, enjoy not only the injured knee but go get him some help - after all, the team needs it as best it can.

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