Meghan McCain: Joy Behar 'Pathetic, Creeps Me Out'

Columnist and TV personality Meghan McCain spoke for the masses on Monday when she referred to The View’s Joy Behar as “pathetic.”

McCain, 37, made the comments in response to a distasteful tweet that Behar, 79, sent her.

The two women were cohosts on ABC’s The View from 2017 until McCain’s exit from the show in 2021. Behar, who often spoke down to McCain when they shared a studio and who has never met a Republican she didn't dislike, took issue with McCain’s Valentine’s Day tribute to her husband, Ben Domenech, leading to an internet firestorm.

In her Valentine’s Day post, McCain tweeted: "Happy Valentines Day @bdomenech – I love you and am grateful every day for the life we have together."

When a Twitter user commented, “Does every thought and sentiment need to be on Twitter?” Behar jumped in and replied, “Apparently.”

Her reply has since been deleted.

Behar opted to take the first shot, then delete her response like a coward. But McCain fired back at the grumpy Behar, tweeting: “Imagine spending your Valentine’s Day trolling your ex colleagues tweet about her husband.”

Of course, McCain shouldn’t have been surprised. Behar has spent her entire career prancing around on her liberal high horse and bashing anyone with opinions even slightly right of Karl Marx.

Fox News’ Janice Dean joined the fun, telling McCain that Behar “can’t quit you.”

That’s when McCain delivered the final blow, tweeting her (and most of America’s) true thoughts about Behar: “It’s pathetic and it creeps me out.”

Same, Meghan. Same.

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