Media Reacts Differently As Ben Roethlisberger And Aaron Rodgers Miss Game For Same Reason

Let me say right off the top the difference between Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger, aside from their play and results on the football field, is one lied about his Covid-19 jab status and one apparently did not.

Everything else? Same.

Nearly two weeks ago now, the Green Bay Packers quarterback tested positive for Covid-19 and missed his team's game against the Kansas City Chiefs. But not before the Narrative Industrial Complex lost its ever lovin' mind, portraying Rodgers as a horrible person, super spreader of the disease, and perhaps even potential killer, because, gasp, Rodgers was not vaccinated.

This week, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger tested positive for Covid-19 and he will miss Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions. Roethlisberger, by the way, has said he is vaccinated.

And while the jab did not prevent Roethlisberger from getting Covid -- because the "vaccine" doesn't prevent everyone from getting, spreading or dying from Covid -- it does immunize Roethlisberger from any criticism from the Narrative Industrial Complex.

In fact, while Rodgers was ripped a new one by the likes of Terry Bradshaw, Shannon Sharpe, Stephen A. Smith, and other Branch Covidians for days, including on last Sunday's pregame shows, Roethlisberger is likely not going to endure any criticism of any sort.

Roethlisberger, in fact, is being applauded by some media for showing "strong leadership" as he "prevented the spread" while getting Covid.

Never mind that we don't actually know that because Covid symptoms often don't manifest for days, and there is, meanwhile, no evidence Rogers spread anything to anyone while he had Covid.

So why the different treatment of two NFL quarterbacks missing one NFL game because both tested positive for Covid-19?

Well, the stated public reason is Rodgers wasn't truthful about his shot status because, when asked, he said he was "immunized," giving the impression he took the shot.

He didn't take one. He said he was allergic to the mRNA shots and concerned about the blood clotting and other problems that have been reported with the Johnson & Johnson jab.

(I'm not calling it a vaccine because it isn't. The CDC has actually changed the definition of "vaccine" on its website to no longer mean that it immunizes one from a disease. Big Pharma made the request and this rigging of words to fit the corporate agenda of selling more shots, thus enriching the corporation, is utter poo this space will not abide.)

So let's recap:

The media was outraged Rodgers used a play on words, saying he was "immunized" to suggest he was vaccinated. But they're not outraged the CDC has literally changed the definition of vaccinated to no longer mean immunized.

The media, by the way, is made up of liars. That is not casting an aspersion, but rather a undeniable fact.

Because everyone lies.

Anyone who tells you they've never told a lie is a liar. Because every flawed, human in and out of the media has lied. And if you have ever lied, you are a liar.

(That includes me, by the way. I've lied. I'm human. The difference between me and my media cohorts is I don't pretend I'm the one who's never lied and thus morally superior enough to judge other liars.)

So the liars in the media were outraged Rodgers lied.

No, that's not complete.

The liars in the media who are lied to every day by the liars they cover both inside and outside the NFL -- yeah, NFL coaches and players lie, just like everyone else -- were morally outraged Rodgers lied.

Can you see how the outrage that was the Rodgers treatment not only makes no sense but is kind of slimy?

Why then is it people who are themselves guilty of the same sin they're objecting to are so passionate in outing that sin? Because it's not about the sin.

My guess is the people who wanted Aaron Rodgers dropped from his State Farm Insurance endorsement or suspended by the NFL because he lied were actually triggered by the fact Rodgers didn't comply in taking one of the shots.

That's the bottom line.

The outrage about the Rodgers lie masked (pardon the pun) the fact all these people want everyone taking the shot. And, in their view, anyone who doesn't comply is a target unworthy of mercy if they screw up in any way.

Meanwhile this has happened: Vaccinated NFL assistant coaches have tested positive for Covid-19 this season and caused unvaccinated, asymptomatic and negative testing unvaccinated players to be barred from practice because of the NFL's protocols on close contacts. But those vaccinated people don't get labeled as spreaders because, well, they're vaccinated.

Anyone who takes the shot gets a pass from the Narrative Industrial Complex. Anyone who doesn't take the shot is a target.

That's why last week Aaron Rodgers got roasted and this week Ben Roethlisberger won't.

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