McDonald’s Proposal Leaves Man McDevastated

A South African woman experienced what so many other ladies grow up dreaming about - the apple of their eye asking them to elope over a couple of quarter pounders with cheese, a side of fries and a busted McFlurry machine.

That was the scene of a McDonald's wedding proposal that ended with the would-be groom leaving with egg (McMuffin) all over his face.

A hungry onlooker captured the Mcproposal on her phone.

Watch below. Maybe she wanted it supersized?

There's a lot to dissect here. First off, as our man appears to pop the question, the intended target continuously shakes her head. Is she upset that he chose to move forward with such a big decision just steps away from a Big Mac? Is she furious that she's had to wait this long for her Filet-O-Fish? Worse yet, is a man who drops to one knee inside a McDonald's, shockingly, not her idea of a catch?

Upon being fed up, yet still hungry, the bride that never was appears to take a carrier full of McFlurrys off of the counter, quickly discards them into a nearby shopping cart and then storms off through a crowd of witnesses.

What kind of animal leaves unoccupied McFlurrys? Does she not have any idea of the scarcity that is the Golden Arches' sweetest treat?

Seemingly realizing he needs to quickly cancel reservations for a planned honeymoon inside of Chuck E. Cheese or lose his deposit, the devastated man resigns himself to push the Mickey D's-filled blue shopping cart through the crowd and into a life as a single man.

Ba da ba ba ba, she's leavin' it.

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