Max Kellerman to Host New Daily TV Show; ESPN Cancels Bomani-Katie-Nolan-Sarah Spain Show

Max Kellerman will debut a new daily show on ESPN starting on Sept. 14. This Just In will air from 2-3 pm ET. OutKick first reported ESPN was launching an afternoon show around Kellerman in August.

For background, Stephen A. Smith kicked Kellerman off First Take, sending him to morning radio with Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams. To justify Kellerman's current salary amid the boot from First Take, ESPN will also have him host his own TV show.

While Smith and Dave Roberts are demoting Kellerman -- we explained why here -- his new role with ESPN is not dim. Morning radio remains lucrative if performed well, and the list of people who host their own TV show is small. Furthermore, his TV program has the chance to be a high-quality program. Kellerman is terribly annoying when he panders on social issues, but he is one of ESPN's most talented broadcasters.

ESPN announced the following segments for This Just In:

Meanwhile, Smith is on his fourth day with First Take's new iteration. So far, Smith has debated Michael Irvin, Marcus Spears, Bart Scott, Keyshawn Johnson, Kim Martin, and Damien Woody. In other words, the show that yells most about diversity has featured no diversity of its own. Stunning, isn't it?

Anyway, Kellerman's TV show will replace Highly Questionable and Jalen & Jacoby in the 2 pm hour. ESPN is canceling Highly Questionable, which rotates ESPN's wokest and most unsuccessful TV talents: Bomani Jones, Katie Nolan, Elle Duncan, Sarah Spain, and Clinton Yates. ESPN says the HQ crew will carry its "spirit" into a new Twitter and Facebook show called Debatable -- which no one will watch.

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