Max Kellerman Blames 'Right-Wing Agitators' for Riots

After a few-week break of determining who is “susceptible to low-quality information and propaganda" and who is smart, Max Kellerman returned to form. While discussing Colby Covington dunking on LeBron James, Kellerman spread some low-quality information and propaganda.

Per Kellerman, the facts have it all wrong. The real group responsible for the nationwide riots is the damn "extremist right-wing agitators."

Listen, learn, and don't question:

"Right-wing agitators posing as protesters." Quite the conspiracy for a daily sports show.

"Mostly peaceful," Kellerman says. Two words made famous by CNN as its reporters report live in front of burning cities:

To make sure we are all caught up with the School of Kellerman:

You are probably wondering why I didn't include any evidence when quoting Kellerman. He has yet to provide any.

Look on the bright side, America: there are still those who read the Times, live in New York, get their facts from CNN, will vote for Joe Biden, and aren't fooled by crazy right-wing agitators.

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