Mavs, Warriors Make It Rain, But Not Like They'd Hoped

It was raining jumpers at American Airlines Center on Tuesday in Texas, where the Dallas Mavericks hosted the Golden State in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals.

It was also raining rain. Inside the arena.

No, really. The game had to be paused at halftime because of ... drumroll, please ... a leaky roof.

This is common in baseball. Well, not a leaky roof, but rain disrupting a game. But in the NBA? Yeah, not so much. As far as anyone can tell, it marked the first time an NBA conference finals game was ever halted by a rain delay.

Of course, all of this led to lots of fun on social media.

Per reports, official time of the delay: 16 minutes. No word on if it was caused by Warriors guards Steph Curry and Klay Thompson -- a.k.a The Splash Brothers.

And hey, could be. At the time of the delay, the Warriors were losing. Maybe Curry and Thompson decided like there was no time like the present to bring the rain.