Massive Gator Gets Some Exercise On Naples Golf Course During Hurricane Eta

Imagine for a minute you're an indestructible alligator, and there's a weak Cat 1 hurricane rolling through town with winds hitting 70 mph or so and heavy rains. Perfect time to get some of the stank washed off, right? That's exactly what a gator did on a Naples golf course this week as Hurricane Eta rolled through with some flooding, wind, and maybe a palm tree laid over here and there.

Now that both of my parents spend most of their time living in Florida, I hear about things like this all the time. Gators cleaning themselves up is nothing out of the ordinary, but this type of content plays well across the country, so let's go with it.

And since it's 2020, there's even a segment of social media that swears this is a CGI gator. That's right, someone thinks Matt and Jeff from WINK in Fort Myers created a fake to get some user engagement.

Folks, this is Florida being Florida. Giant gators cruise over golf courses here all the time. Florida doesn't need to CGI big gators walking around. This is common life. This gator is probably 90 years old like everyone else in Naples and just trying to get some steps in.

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