Massachusetts COVID Breakthrough Death Data Has Been Released

Newly released data from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health shows that a majority of the state's breakthrough COVID deaths of those fully vaccinated resulted from underlying conditions. Age also appeared to be a factor. Vaccinated breakthrough cases in the state, of which there have been 100 (0.002% of all fully vaccinated citizens), have a median age of 82.5 years, the state's data shows.

“The breakthrough cases that are sick enough to be hospitalized is generally older people and those with underlying conditions and who are immunocompromised,” Davidson Hamer, a Boston University infectious disease specialist, told the Boston Herald. “So the people who need to be really careful right now is older people and those who have underlying conditions and those who are immunocompromised.”

Data released by the state also shows that there have been 395 breakthrough hospitalizations (0.009% of the state's vaccinated citizens) and that 57% of those hospitalized also had underlying health conditions.

"We do need to put some of these numbers in a more realistic context just so people, you know, so people don't panic, so people make the right decisions based on the actual risk," Tufts Medical Center Epidemiologist Dr. Shira Doron said during an interview with NBC Boston.

The median age of breakthrough deaths of those in Indiana is 79, 81 in Ohio and 82.5 in Washington.

Meanwhile, let's read a few tweets from physician Nicole Saphier who hits on a few COVID topics out there that might be of interest:

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