Marines Have Taken Over Jordan Jefferson's Facebook Fan Page and It Isn't Pretty

The above photo is from Deadspin, which alleges that this is the Marine Jefferson kicked.

Yesterday afternoon the Baton Rouge police searched LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson's apartment and removed at least 44 bags of evidence. Presumably those bags mostly contained clothes and shoes. Although if he had any intelligence whatsoever Jefferson would have already disposed of any clothes or shoes that might have tied him to the bar fight scene. (Last night I tweeted that if the police found anything five days later there was no way Jefferson was from Louisiana. The police also took a DNA sample from Jefferson, probably to see if they could match any blood on the victim's clothing.  

Whether he's charged or not already this situation has spiraled out of control for Jefferson. In particular many United States Marines are rallying around another Marine who was reportedly kicked in the head by Jefferson. How are they doing this? On Jordan Jefferson's Facebook fan page.

Yes, Jefferson actually has one of those.

And right now it's filled with angry Marine postings. It's chilling, really. Go read it here.

 You can also watch the video of police carrying out bags of evidence below.


Yesterday Deadspin posted a picture that was purportedly of the Marine Jefferson kicked in the face. You can see read their article that names the Marine here.

Now, a moment's defense of Jefferson even if he's guilty, it's not as if he knew this guy was a Marine. If the Deadspin photo is accurate this guy was dressed no differently than you or I might have been if we were out at the bar. That is, as a civilian. There was no way for anyone at LSU to know that he was a Marine. But that really doesn't matter in terms of public perception. Short of attacking a woman or child, I'm not sure there is a worse alleged victim out there.

And judging by the posts on his Facebook wall, many Marines have already decided that Jefferson is guilty and that they want to take out vengeance upon him.

Which means you have to ask this question, whether he did anything wrong at all, is LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson really safe right now?

This situation is already ugly in Baton Rouge. And judging by the reaction from some Marines, it's about to get uglier. 

At least some LSU fans -- by the way I'd argue that LSU fans have the best senses of humor in the SEC -- are trying to find some dark humor in the situation. Appearing on his first coach's radio show of the season Les Miles was asked whether Jordan Jefferson might play punter this year. Seriously. 

Maybe watching Les Miles try to handle this question will make you feel better after spending time reading Jefferson's Facebook wall.  

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