Lydia Ko Blames Back Tightness On ‘That Time Of The Month’

Reporters want nothing more than honesty from the athletes they cover. But as one Golf Channel correspondent learned over the weekend: be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

Jerry Foltz learned this the hard way Sunday at the Palos Verdes Championship. He entered the weekend seeking to speak with participating golfers and left with an unexpected introduction to Lydia Ko’s Aunt Flo.

During the tournament's final round, cameras caught Ko being vigorously stretched by her physiotherapist, prompting Foltz to ask whether her back tightness would be a concern moving forward.

“I hope not," responded Ko. “It’s that time of the month. I know the ladies watching are probably like, 'Yeah, I got you.'”

And just like that, we're left to question whether honesty really is the best policy.

Ko's genuine response prompted her to giggle as the camera continued to roll. Unsurprisingly, Foltz was unable to mouth a follow-up question, opening the door for Ko to further explain the root cause of her seemingly monthly back pain.

"So, when that happens, my back gets really tight, and I’m all twisted," added Ko. "It’s not the first time that Chris (her physiotherapist) has seen me twisted, but it felt a lot better after he came. So, yeah, there you go.”

Still shocked at what he heard, Foltz quickly cleared his throat, let out a brief chuckle, then uttered, "Thanks."

Recognizing the awkwardness, Ko laughed alongside Foltz, admitting through an ear-to-ear grin, "I know you're at a loss for words, Jerry."

The team of Ko and Flo finished the Palos Verdes in second place.


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