LSU-Alabama Preview

By Zach Bingham

After already previewing this match up early in the year, I felt inclined to put a twist on the rematch leading up to Monday's National Championship game. Personally, I wanted the rematch because it grantees another SEC national champion, again solidifying why the south dominates the most powerful sport in America. Three factors will come into play on Monday night.

1. A.J. McCarron & Marquise Maze

The Tide signal caller was 16 of 28 for 199 yards and a pick on November 5th. It was McCarron's second worst completion rating of the year (57.1), only to his performance against Florida in which the Alabama cruised 38-10. McCarron must be better finding his receivers instead of relying on running back Trent Richardson to bail him out of troubled times. Maze caught six passes for 61 yards against LSU but the two couldn't seem to connect at crucial spots in the second half and overtime.

2. Special Teams (obvious, right)

Bama fans don't want to cringe after a Crimson Tide kicker makes contact with the ball.

Opening drive, Cade Foster missed a 44 yarder. Second drive, Cade Foster missed a 50 yarder. Opening drive of the 2nd quarter, Jeremy Shelley's 49 yard attempt is blocked and the last missed field goal came in overtime. All of these missed opportunities and Alabama only lost by three points. Look for Monday to be a different story and touchdowns to be scored.

3. The Superdome

Every SEC team has crazy, obnoxious, die hard fans that love their school more than life itself and just so happens the two wildest are meeting for the National Championship in 2012.

With that being said, here's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Alabama vs LSU

The Good:

Most everyone has seen the infamous Alabama twins sporting Bear Bryant's iconic houndstooth cap. This lets you know there are still hot co-eds running around at every SEC school. With these two on campus, it's hard not to like a little Alabama black and white checkerboard.

After visiting Death Valley a few years ago, I found out real quick that LSU fans love to party. Whether it's sucking down beer out of a homemade tree funnel or shot-gunning Budweisers outside of Tiger Stadium, those Cajuns get wild. The Bayou Bengals must have taken care of business early on the field so these two are entertaining themselves late in the fourth.

As football fans in the south, we have to pay tribute to the folks that came before us. During this years Alabama-Penn State game, ABC turned their attention to the one and only Dick Coffee. This man has seen some football games.


Nothing beats hot chicks holding creative signs.

This came to us just a few months ago. Once LSU positioned themselves to kick the game winning field goal in overtime, CBS scanned the crowd for heartbroken Bama fans. This is what they got. She looks a little confused and I just pray that "Did we win?" wasn't asked moments prior.


This next one features a die hard LSU fan trying to flush Nick Saban's National Championship hopes and dreams down the toilet back in November. Saban and the Tide won the rest of their games and found a way to clog this purple porcelain throne until they meet again on Monday night.


This was a couple of years ago against Auburn but still counts. Rhythmic shaking while moving side to side does not count as a victory dance. I would put down some money that he went home by himself but I don't think he cared that night because the Tigers got the W.

If this next one isn't true Alabama pride, I'm not sure what is. The always credible Geraldo Rivera (couch couch) was surveying street goers after Osama Bin Laden's death, when a Bammer yells out one thing and one thing only when it's her turn at the mic. "Roll Tide Ya'll!"

LSU fans loath in the fact that they are compared to carnival workers AKA Carneys. Combine that with two Tiger fans dressed up like cheerleaders on game day, you get this. Notice the guy on the right is a little coy while the one on the left is dog deep.


Harvey Updyke Tree Service. Alabama fans have no problem buying shirts to glorify the man who took things a bit to far in the Iron Bowl rivalry. Using the pesticide Spike 80DF, also known as tebuthiuron, Updyke's next day in court will be on January 17th in which he hopes the Tide will already have their fourteenth crystal ball.


The Ugly:

These are what we call 'Super Fans'. People who would risk most of their hard earned money and pride if someone could guarantee a national title for their particular school. These fans stick with their club through thick and thin, whether they're 0-12 or 12-0, it makes no difference. Matter of fact, they like their team too much and instead of pushing the limit, they are full fledged overboard.

We'll start with the painters and move into permanent ink to conclude.

Waking up on game day and toting the four buckets of crimson paint you bought from Home Depot yesterday is ideal for a forty-five year old man with no wife, kids, or job. With a smile like that, I don't think any of those things phase this fan if the Tide are rolling on game day.

Sometimes masking your identity in purple and gold with that very special someone can put a team over the top. These two are proud of what they have done to their bodies but not someone you want in seat thirty-six, when you have seat thirty-five. This is the extreme on game day when your not wasted and don't attend the school your rooting for.

If you're in a dark alley on the streets of New Orleans this weekend decked out in mardi gras colors, this is probably the last man you want to meet. First, any guy wearing a quilt and is that big, I suggest stay away. From the houndstooth hat and the perfect face paint, to Joe Namath tattooed across this burly man's heart, he is our winner for Bama Super Fan.

Not sure if this is his back but definitely needs recognition.

This guy bleeds purple and gold enough to get a Tiger paw inked on his bare left shoulder. Though it can be easily covered by a T-shirt, I have a strange feeling this guy spends most of his days in the swampland with no shirt on, repping his school.


If that doesn't get you geared up for Monday's showdown, I'm not sure what will. Make your picks below.

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