Lockdown Lady Gov. Whitmer 'Loses Audio' As Soon As She's Asked About Disastrous Lockdown Policies

Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer appeared on a local Detroit news station on Monday to call opponent Tudor Dixon a dangerous zealot. But the interview turned awkward when the anchor asked Whitmer about her overly aggressive and failed lockdown policies.

"Governor, when it comes to your handling of the pandemic, we all know the critics over the past few years, do you have any regrets?" the network asked.

Unfortunately, Lockdown Lady didn't get a chance to answer said question. She just so happened to lose her audio connection as soon as the host hit her with an inconvenient change of topic:

"I’m sorry …" Whitmer said as she clapped her earpiece.

What are the chances? At least her earpiece functioned properly as she ranted about Dixon earlier in the segment.

Whitmer is the employee who miraculously loses their Zoom connection as their boss asks them to stay late to finish the spreadsheet.

"Oh, I would have stayed later. I couldn't hear you. My internet crashed," the employee explains the next day.

We would have liked to hear Whitmer reflect on her tyrannical lockdown policies two years later. Lockdown Lady implemented some of the most stringent restrictions in the nation. She barred Michiganders from using their boats, but for one specific individual: her husband.

Whitmer threatened employees who violated her baseless stay-at-home order with misdemeanors. Local police chiefs had to fight back, scoffing at her commands.

"Don’t expect us to enforce Michigan’s confusing coronavirus lockdown," said Bob Stevenson, the leader of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police.

It's no wonder Whitmer's internet connection fumbled as the host asked her about her grand lockdown strategy.

Gov. Whitmer had been leading Dixon in the polls by over 10 points. Yet Dixon has closed that gap substantially after roasting Whitmer in two recent debates:

The Detroit anchors said they hoped to reconnect with Whitmer before voting began on Tuesday, saying "we’ll check back in with the governor maybe a little bit later on this morning." 

Apparently, Whitmer is still having audio issues.

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