Little Leaguer Dances Into Batter's Box As Big Pun Plays Over Speakers

If you're in search of the country's hottest dance moves, look no further than California. But don't waste your time peering into Staples Center or battling the late night crowd at Whisky A Go Go. Venture instead to Manteca, CA where fancy footwork is displayed on a little league field and performed by a pint-sized baller who, like Prince and Madonna, is identified by only one name - Ben.

For those who don't know, Ben's a baseball player suiting up in the Northgate Little League. When he's not stealing bases, he's stealing hearts -- thanks to his deadly combination of a pair of loose hips and Big Pun.

See for yourself as Ben takes his time entering the batter's box with Big Pun's "Still Not A Player" filtering through the speakers and onto the diamond.

I mean, holy Hell, Ben! Save some girls for the rest of us. My man hit for the cycle with these moves. First, he entered the playing field with the rarely seen act of combining a pimp walk and peacocking. And he did so seamlessly.

Then, feeling the need to get the upper body involved, he cranked his wrist back and forth with the beat, no doubt imagining he was throwing dice. Up next, he wisely used the bat as a prop, demanding the crowd recognize his dominance. That's when he began working his own strike zone to continued cheers from those in attendance.

Ever the showman, Ben mixed in a modern-day rendition of the "butterfly," before launching a ball to the outfield. Mission accomplished.

He may swing like Judge, but he's got moves like Jagger.


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