Liquor Store Worker Beat Adam Schefter To Patrick Mahomes Contract News [UPDATE]

Adam Schefter was scooped on the Patrick Mahomes contract news and it wasn't Ian Rapoport winning the war of sources against Schefty. It was reportedly a Kansas City liquor store employee who had the big news this afternoon. Katie Camlin, an employee at Plaza Liquor, tweeted this afternoon that a Chiefs front office employee came in and "bought six bottles of Dom Perignon. Said there's a big signing today."

The employee said it wasn't Chris Jones getting a new contract so that didn't leave many options, it had to be Patrick Mahomes. And then just before 3 ET, Schefter dropped the Mahomes bomb on social media.

And there you have it, Katie is officially a Chiefs Insider®. She's still trying to deal with all the attention that comes with being an Insider® so please don't overwhelm her with tweets about other Chiefs signings -- don't forget they have next to zero cap space left.

Update: Adam Schefter has sent his congratulations to Katie for scooping him on this one.


Now hit up Plaza Liquor and say hello to your new Insider®:

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