Lindsey Vonn Wants You To Watch Her Teeth Get Fixed

Lindsey Vonn was due for her once a month post on Outkick and today we find the 35-year-old retired skiing legend with a camera in front of her mouth recording a dental procedure. I'll be honest, I didn't wake up this morning thinking the Internet content gods would gift us with Vonn having her teeth filed down and fixed, but you take what the gods give you and move on.

You might remember that Lindsey and NHLer PK Subban are engaged and would've been married by now if it wasn't for COVID. You might remember back in 2019, Lindsey went the untraditional route and asked PK to marry her. Subban even ended up with an engagement ring.

There's a silver lining to all the pain 2020 has thrown at the world. Lindsey's dream (second wedding) had to wait and she was able to get the chompers worked on. Now she'll have beautiful new teeth to show off when her wedding photos hit Instagram. Congrats to the happy couple.

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