Like His Lib Lib Friends, Chris Cuomo Turns Into A Florida Man For Vacation

Disgraced former CNN host Chris Cuomo, who railed against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis while ignoring his own brother's scandals, is enjoying some quality time in Florida this week. Chris, who was booted from CNN with approximately $9 million in severance, was photographed at a ritzy Palm Beach hotel, according to photographs obtained by The Daily Mail.

Cuomo is the latest lib lib mouthpiece -- AOC and Don Lemon have visited over the last 3-4 months -- to enjoy the oasis of freedom created by the governor who refused to lockdown his state while lib lib coronabro blue governors ruled states with iron fists, pushing people to find refuge in Florida.

According to a Census Bureau report, between July 2020 and July 2021, 319,000 New York state residents fled the state with many of those people heading for Texas and Florida. During that same period between 2020 and 2021, Florida saw 211,196 new residents.

At the same time, Chris Cuomo spent his time bashing Gov. DeSantis instead of his brother who would eventually be ousted from the governor's mansion.

"You've got Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. He’s the one that started the ‘Don’t Fauci Florida’ campaign. Now you’ve got this pop in cases. You’re going to be held to account. You needed people to get vaccinated. You made a mockery of the man behind the vaccine, now here you are," Cuomo railed in August.

Over a four-day stretch, as his brother was fighting for his political life, Chris Cuomo spent 21% of his programming on DeSantis and Florida while his brother received zero minutes of coverage.

Now Chris is in Florida enjoying all that comes with Florida in February while trying to figure out how to secure a bag from CNN based on the four-year, $20 million contract he was working on when he was fired. The NY Post reported in December that Chris would be seeking damages on top of the money owed on the contract.

While the lawyers work on that, Chris is going full Florida Man this week. He's all about soaking up the weather, the sights, the freedom. He's not masked up, worrying about showing a vaxx card or any of that ridiculous lib lib nonsense he left behind in New York.

"They're coming here for greener pastures," DeSantis said of new Florida residents escaping Andrew Cuomo's hell-hole.

This week, Chris Cuomo is one of those people.

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