Left Trying To Cancel 3-Time 'Jeopardy!' Winner After Victory Celebration Sign

Cancel culture is out of control. There are plenty of examples to support that statement, and the latest came late last week. Kelly Donohue, a now three-time Jeopardy! winner, has been labeled a white supremacist after he made a hand gesture following his third victory.

So what was the hand gesture in question? Well, see for yourself.

Donohue is now being accused of flashing a "white power" sign. Of course, this infuriated the cancel culture wokesters on the Left. Former Jeopardy! players demanded an apology, and people all over social media have been slamming him.

Except, Donohue had just won his third round of Jeopardy!. He was flashing his current win total, as he did the first AND second time he won the popular game show. Here's proof:

It is wild that we're even having this conversation.

Here's what happened: someone saw the three-finger win sign and thought they had found cancel culture gold. Whoever it is believes they had cracked the code, and they were ready to make Donohue pay.

Then the real intentions of the hand gesture were realized, and no one wants to say "oops, my bad " and own up to their mistake. Now Donohue -- and Jeopardy! -- are the ones paying for it. This entire situation is absolutely ridiculous.

Donohue issued an apology for how the hand gesture may have come off.

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