LeBron Tries to Explain Why He Deleted Tweet Endangering Cop

LeBron James earlier Wednesday tried to endanger a police officer, the one who saved the woman whom Ma’Khia Bryant was trying to stab and kill, by tweeting out the officer's full photo. After enflaming racial tensions further, LeBron deleted his tweet -- not because he then read about the story and realized facts existed, but because of racism. Yep, it's the racists' fault, LeBron says:

Here were my thoughts on LeBron's pathetic tweet earlier:

Though the officer saved a life, LeBron tweets out the full image of him to ensure no matter what events follow, this man will have a target on his back. Because of LeBron, the officer will never be able to walk in public safely again. You might ask, “What if he isn’t charged?” LeBron is one of the most influential individuals in the world. No matter what, millions of his fans will believe what he says. It takes just one, and LeBron just convinced millions with a lie.

OutKick has reached out to the NBA for comment. We will update you if and when the league responds.

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