Last-Minute OutKick Holiday Gift Guide: Let's Be Honest -- It Isn't Just The Thought That Counts

The holidays are here. Do you know what that means? (For starters, if you're a parent to small children, THIS is what it means...)

But for men specifically, it means it's time to blow your wife or girlfriend away with your incredibly thoughtful, unique Christmas gift to her. (You know, to make up for last year when you got "her" a Nintendo.)

If you're needing a little inspiration this year, I've got you. Below are a variety of gift ideas of all categories that I would personally love to receive myself. If you've already gotten her an amazing gift, topped off with a big red bow and stashed in the closet, I applaud you. For everyone else, it's time to get it into gear, guys.

Robot Vacuum

Starting out strong with the Holy Grail of gifts for any woman with children, pets or messy husbands. In my 20s, getting an expensive robot vacuum as a gift from my boyfriend would’ve been a little confusing but mainly just depressing. In my 30s and with three kids, there's nothing that would make me happier than an expensive robot vacuum. Well actually what would make me happier is an expensive robot vacuum that cleans but also whispers words of affirmation to me as it passes, reassuring me I'm a great mom and that it's okay that my kid bit another kid last week. But we can't have it all, can we?

Veja Sneakers

Every woman needs a pair of hip sneakers to be-bop around town in. (Anyone else “be-bop” places? Just me? Cool, cool.) Vejas are comfy, cool and very reasonably priced. (Men, if you don’t think this is a good price for cool shoes, look up the price for Golden Goose sneakers and then report back to me.) You can’t go wrong with any Veja style, but I have my eye on these right now.

Mother Jeans

You may think this is a ridiculous price for a pair of jeans, and you would be correct. HOWEVER, this brand of jeans is widely known for making women's butts look amazing, so I’d venture to say the price is well worth it and that every one of you is clicking “Add To Cart” as we speak. “The Insider Crop” is a popular style and at the very top of my wish list this year.

Faherty Willa Top

Now that she's got cool sneakers and great jeans, she needs a classic white top to complete the look. This blouse is a Faherty brand signature made of soft, organic cotton, and it's also at the top of my own Christmas list. A perfect winter white she can layer with her favorite cold-weather cardigan.

Bala Bangle Set

Ankle weights, but way cuter and more expensive. Why didn’t I think of this first? These sleek weights are meant to add resistance to any workout (yoga, pilates, running, aerobics, etc) and they’re super comfortable. I actually love to wear them most around the house. I throw them on my wrists while doing dishes or laundry and tell myself I'm going to look like Serena Williams once these towels are all put away.

Gia Crossbody Bandolier

I lose my phone about 47 times per day. I also drop it at the same rate because I'm juggling kids and bags and keys and the like. Which is why I'm asking for this leather case/crossbody strap whose sole purpose is to hold my phone in a chic manner. (Remember when people wore their phones in a holster clipped to their belt loops? We've come a long way, folks.)

Wunder Under High-Rise Luxtreme Shine Leggings

Sweat-wicking, breathable, and with a cool sheen on them that makes them feel a little more elevated than normal leggings. Oh and they also hold everything in and make your butt look amazing. (I'm realizing this is a very butt-heavy list. I make no apologies for that.) I would wear these for workouts AND for literally everything else I do in my life. 

Sunday Riley Anti-Aging Kit

No matter her age, chances are your wife has some forehead wrinkles from you stressing her out: this will help with that. And I promise you, giving her a gift labeled with "anti-aging" is not going to offend her. Every woman I know would gladly spend her last dime on a cream or serum if it was guaranteed to make her look awake and refreshed and like she didn't just spend the entire night up with a crying toddler.

Baguette Diamond Huggies

No, "Huggies" aren't just a brand of diapers, Dads of Outkick. "Huggies" are also small earrings that moms love because they're understated and easy and chic. (You can impress your Dad Friends with this knowledge at your next guys' night out. You're welcome.) This diamond version is timeless and beautiful and she will never want to take them off; available in yellow, rose or white gold.

Boy Smells X Kacey Musgraves Slow Burn Candle

Women love candles. It's just a fact. This rich and beautiful wood scent is the best-selling collab between Kacey Musgraves and Boy Smells, a super popular candle line. This scent has won candle awards (yes, that is a thing apparently) and it looks as good as it smells, with a metallic rose gold jar to elevate any room. Plus, anything Kacey touches turns to (rose) gold, so you obviously can't go wrong with this.

PJ Salvage Lounge Set

PJ Salvage is a wardrobe staple and longtime favorite, specializing in luxury essentials and truly the most comfortable, cozy pajamas and loungewear. If you think getting your wife pajamas for Christmas is a little cliché, then buy this lounge set instead: she can wear it around the house OR out and about running errands and still look cute. And it will probably make her butt look good too. (I don't know that for sure, but it seems to fit the theme here.) There are TONS of other styles and colors, so check out the website for more options. 

Stoney Clover Accessories

Stoney Clover has the cutest travel bags, pouches and other accessories -- and the best part is, everything is customizable. Get her initials put onto a makeup bag or her name on a duffle bag for her next trip, or just buy one of the cute pre-made pouches if you're short on time. Everything they sell is amazing, and if you're local to Nashville, they just opened up a new store in 12 South, so you can shop in person. 

Krewe Sunglasses

I can vouch for these sunglasses: they are truly the best around. Your wife will feel like a million bucks in them and get tons of compliments everywhere she goes. But the best part is if your 4-year-old savagely breaks them in half (I'm looking at you, Talley Simmons), the company will replace your pair for FREE through their Second Chances Program.

Branch Basket

Those local to Nashville will be glad to know that this company designs meaningful gifts for your favorite people: gift baskets full of unique, thoughtful items customized to perfection ranging from food to beauty to home goods and so much more. Men, these would be perfect gifts for the other lady in your life, your mom. Check out their Instagram page HERE for ideas and more info.