Las Vegas Mass Stabbing Suspect in U.S. Illegally, Has Prior Criminal Record

Fox News reported Friday that the suspect who's been charged in the mass stabbing incident on the Las Vegas Strip is an illegal alien. He also has a criminal record in California.

The suspect, Yoni Barrios, is a Guatemalan national and allegedly stabbed eight people in front of the Wynn Las Vegas hotel, killing two. Six remain in the hospital for their injuries.

According to Fox News, the violence started due to a group of showgirls declining to take a photo with him.

He apparently told the group that he was a chef, before using a "large knife with a long blade" to launch the alleged attack.

Where's the Media Coverage for the Las Vegas Stabbing?

This tragedy is yet another reminder of how media bias impacts the news -- not just in how they cover stories, but what they choose to cover.

Major media outlets will now have no interest in this story because the alleged culprit is in the country illegally.

If he'd been a Trump supporter, or just a white man in general, this would be front page news for days, as the media could blame white supremacy for his actions.

When the perpetrator doesn't fit their preferred demographic, there's deafening silence.

It's as infuriating as it is predictable.

If he'd used a gun to shoot people, there might be some gun control coverage. But an illegal immigrant using a knife is pretty much a non-story to the mainstream media.

A quick search of CNN's website currently shows nothing about Barrios' immigration status, yet according to their Twitter bio, they "tell the most difficult stories."

They cover "the most difficult stories" as long as it suits their political agenda.

The horrifying tragedy is upsetting for many reasons, yet it'll likely disappear quickly.

When the media doesn't want to tell a story, they don't just let it go. They bury it.