Lara Hogan Adds 'Summer' And Other Seasons To List Of Triggering Terms

Twitter's status as a think tank for the nation's brightest minds took a hit once again when Lara Hogan announced she will no longer use the word "summer" because some may be triggered by it.

According to her Twitter profile, Lara Hogan is founder and leadership coach at Wherewithall. The company website states that Hogan "spent a decade growing emerging leaders as the VP of Engineering at Kickstarter and an Engineering Director at Etsy."

Hogan's full tweet reads, "A teeny-tiny inclusive language thing I've tried to get better at this past year is avoiding northern hemisphere-specific seasonal language. Like instead of 'this summer,' I say the months I mean, or a Q3. Because it might be that season for ME but not that season for everybody!"

Joining the call for a season-sensitive lexicon are chipmunks and squirrels, notorious for preferring the summer season over snow-laden winters.

Followers and replies to the tweet largely expressed confusion about her point. The best response came from an account that suggested reworking movie titles such as, I Know What You Did Last Q3, to be more Hogan-friendly.

To support the season-phobic readers in the OutKick community, we will omit full spelling of w*nter, spr*ng, and summ*r, and f*ll for the remainder of this article.

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