Lane Kiffin Says There Is A Lot Of Money Being Promised, Hopes Players Get It All

It turned into a monumental signing day for one player, as the No. 1 prospect in the country Travis Hunter flipped from Florida State to FCS school Jackson State. We all know that Deion Sanders was looking to make some kind of splash today, but nobody saw this one coming.

On Monday, Lane Kiffin spoke about how the NIL rules have changed college football recruiting.

“I don’t think people really say it this way, but let’s not make a mistake, we have free agency in college football,” Kiffin said. “And the kids go to where they’re going to pay the most. No one else is saying that maybe, but if the kid says, ‘This is what I’m getting here for NIL.’ It is what it is. Free agency has been created in college football…except you can’t lock people into a contract. They can go at any time. It’s a new world that we’re in. Sometimes they want to come to you and say, ‘I get this much money if I go there.’ This is just a whole new thing to deal with.”

Well, he wasn't finished talking about how prospects better be getting the money that is promised them during these recruitments. Lane was asked for his thoughts on Travis Hunter signing with Jackson State and how the arena of college football recruiting is continuing to change with these new NIL rules. He definitely wasn't backing down from his comments on Monday, as he spoke on Tuesday. 

"You're in free agency that, there are no contracts. I really hope for these kids, they get all the money that they're promised at all these schools when they get there. Because there's a lot of money being promised, so I hope for them that they get it. These guys get promised all this money to come places, but they don't have a contract, which in free agency obviously you would (like) in the NFL, know that you were guaranteed to get paid what you're being told you're going to get paid."

I think it's safe to say that some of the coaches around the country are astonished at the money being promised to these prospects. But, welcome to the new College Football.

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