Lamar Odom KOs Aaron Carter In Best Fight Of 2021

Call it what you want, but this fight was far more entertaining than Sunday's Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather bout.

Before his boxing exhibition match against former Lakers forward and NBA champion Lamar Odom, Aaron Carter — whose credits include being the brother of a celebrity and posing nude on OnlyFans — warned Odom to prepare for a surprising blow coming his way Friday night, which was a bit of a double/triple entendre coming from the substance-abusing porn star now taking up boxing.

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall," warned Carter, who faced off against Odom at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City for a PPV boxing match that aired Friday night on FITE.TV.

The appeal of the event had a Fyre Fest quality to it: from the low-budget poster work, to having rapper Ice-T host the night's festivities alongside wife and adult entertainer Coco.

To Carter's credit, the guy did land a few punches in the first thirty seconds of the fight that initially made audiences believe the outcome would go differently should a lucky jab connect with the oversized Odom. It wasn't long before the behemoth finally stopped holding back after a minute of action and threw the frail Carter around like an inflatable dancing man outside of a BFGoodrich.

The weigh-ins showed Odom at 6'9", 239 lb., while Carter came in at 6'1", 175 lb.

The highlight of the night came when a flailing, and clearly undersized, Carter swung both mitts high up at Odom in an attempt to land a knockout punch. Generating all 175 lb. of brute force.

More highlights came in Rounds 1 and 2 when God accidentally pressed the 'B' button and made Carter spin around to avoid the incoming Odom several times.

With only three rounds scheduled for the fight, Odom started tiring out Carter from the start of the second round, pouncing on the former child star with dozens of hits. Odom landed a few left hooks in the final minute that sent the celebrity staggering from one end of the canvas to the other, like a game of Four Corners.

Given the street rules that guest judge and MMA legend Chuck Liddell implemented throughout the fight, Carter was left to stagger around, fall on his back, and continue absorbing rockets from Odom before the fight was stopped in the penultimate round. Victory went to Lamar Odom and the two hugged it out after an entertaining fight that would have been worth the $30 ticket.

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Stronger than any pipe he's ever picked up, Carter's knockout on Friday night may not be his last in this timeline of trendy celebrity face-offs. For now, we don't expect a rematch to happen between Carter and new Plightweight champ Lamar Odom.

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