Kentucky Deputy Arranged Favorable Sentence In Exchange For Sex

A Lechter County (Ky.) deputy sheriff used his position of authority to swap incarceration for sexual favors. Allegedly.

Though most jailhouse sex stories involve trading a cup of Ramen or a 2 liter of Pepsi in exchange for some locked up lovin', this tryst took place away from the jail, and only the thing bartered was a piece jail jewelry.

Deputy Ben Fields is accused of coercing Sabrina Adkins into performing sex acts in the judge's chambers in exchange for home arrest.

Per the Louisville Courier Journal, Adkins, who was unable to afford to pay for her ankle monitor (used for home incarceration), was told by Fields that she would receive "favorable treatment for sexual favors." This led to six separate occasions of dirty deeds in the district judge's chambers.

Talk about a stiff sentence.

suit filed earlier this month on behalf of Adkins states that: “Plaintiff was coerced and compelled to comply with defendant Fields’ advances” given his “position and power and because she could not afford to pay for the ankle monitor and did not want to return to Letcher County Jail."

Adkins alleged that she was forced to perform oral sex and engage in sexual intercourse and unwanted kissing with Fields.

Though he has not been criminally charged, Fields has been fired for "conduct unbecoming."

Attempts to reach the Letcher County district judge's chambers in order to confirm whether they offer hourly rates or vacation packages, have gone unanswered.


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